Taste Of NACE Fundraising Event in Austin, TX

The NACE Austin Chapter held their annual fundraising event on August 16, 2017 at Trinity Hall in downtown Austin, Texas. Proceeds benefitted the NACE Foundation and AWADAE (Adventures With Autism, Down Syndrome, and Epilepsy). This event hosted a multitude of amazing local catering & event companies, a taste competition, live music, silent auctions, and so much more! I was thrilled to attend this event as I am COMPLETELY new the Austin event industry (Oh, have I mentioned I'm moving to Austin next year?). It was so amazing to meet so many great vendors, and I've experienced nothing but warm welcomes from everyone there. I can't wait to be there full time! Also, this was my first event that I filmed in 4k!!!! I recently switched from Canon to Sony and wanted to experiment with 4k file size and editing on a smaller project than a Wedding and this was the perfect opportunity! I'm THRILLED to say that my computer can handle it just fine so I will be adding a 4K upgrade to my pricing sheet very soon. Woo! Thanks again to the NACE Austin Chapter for involving me in such an amazing event for such a good cause!

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