Video Testimonial After 1 Year of Marriage!

One year ago, I got to film my very first client Wedding in St.Augustine, Florida. I found Brad & Brittany on a local facebook group and offered to do their Wedding for next to nothing. I had nothing in my portfolio, 1 camera, 1 kit lens, a lav mic you plugged into your phone, and a $30 on-camera light.

It's INSANE how far I've come in the last year, but one thing remains constant: The emotions that couples get come from watching their Wedding Film months, years, and decades after the day has passed.

I am a firm believer that hiring a professional Wedding Videographer to capture that day so you can relive it for the rest of your life, is the most valuable investment you can make on your Wedding Day.

If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it:

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