10 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

Who Am I?

Today, I just felt like writing a blog about who I am, where I came from, and maybe where I'm going. Who knows, we'll see where this goes!

So, if you don't already know, I'm Bonnie Newman. Hopefully you already knew that, so I'm not going to include that in the list. Anyway, here we go!!!


I was born and raised right here in Tampa. Actually, I'm a 3rd generation Tampan (check out my beautiful Grandma on Bayshore Blvd Below). Yes, I am a rare breed! I've never lived anywhere else, not saying I wouldn't love the challenge at some point in the future, but for now, Tampa is where I call "Home."

My Grandma on Bayshore Blvd.

2. I have 4 really close friends, one of them I've known since I was in kindergarten, the other 3 I've been friends with since elementary school, and we all live in Tampa as well!

3. Several us became close friends when we started the "Cat Club" in Elementary School.

4. I'm also still obsessed with cats. I have 3 of them: Lulu, Stevie and Wonder. Stevie and Wonder are siblings and Stevie is completely blind, thus the names Stevie and Wonder. I'm also allergic to cats, but I just invested in a Roomba so I'm hoping that will help me in my quest to stop dying everyday!

5. I have a Master's Degree in Architecture from USF! Yep, I went to college for 7 years to become an architect. Unfortunately, school doesn't adequately prepare you for how mind numbingly boring the real world of architecture can be, which is why I'm now filming weddings!

6. I've been using a video camera and editing since elementary school. And by editing, I mean using those huge shoulder cam-corders that used VHS tapes and rewinding the VHS tape to the exact spot I needed to redo the scene. But still, in elementary school, me and my Cat-Club friend would write scripts and create story boards about beanie babies taking over the world, or my biggest crush actually KISSING me! The tapes are hidden somewhere at my parents house, and I promise if I ever find them, there will be a special blog post about them. Once I got into high school I did 4 years of TV production and then continued doing film projects and small documentary style films in college.

7. I'm captivated by post-apocalyptic scenarios. My architectural thesis was called "Post-Apocalyptic Architecture. The Architect's Role After World-Wide Devastation." So yes, I love Walking Dead. Here's a short video I made in college when we were supposed to present our thesis to the rest of the school, but I had to work:

8. I LOVE camping and hiking. When I graduated college, I spent a month hiking 300 miles on the Appalachian Trail. It's also a personal tradition of mine to go camping on Halloween Weekend.

9. I play guitar and sing. I'm certainly no Adam Levine, but I think I can hold my own!

10. I work in the Wedding industry, and I'm not married! I am in no rush, but I do have this guy named Drew who I love to the multiverse and back and challenges me everday, and I think he would make a good hubby one day <3