Justin & Jackie (& Henry & Edmunds) Engagement Story!

Henry and Edmund (the 2 doggies) are so excited that their mom and dad are getting married in April!

This was such a fun and fulfilling engagement video to shoot. The whole time I was looking at the back of my camera and getting goosebumps, golden hour was so good to us! Jackie has top secret access to a secret beach on the north end of clearwater beach, so we headed out to catch the sunset.

I have fallen in love with Justin and Jackie. I consider them friends of mine at this point, hopefully we will plan a camping trip together soon! ;) When I first met them I got so excited that they were literally into all of the same things my boyfriend and I are into, I was like "can you please hire me?! And then let's go camping!"

So they did! I was happy to get Justin in front of a camera because according to him, "he's not good at these kinds of things," but I thought he was a natural. Lol, you've got nothing to worry about Justin!

Anyway, here is their Engagement Love Story, Enjoy!

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