10 Gifts To Get Your Bride-To-Be For Christmas

Your Wife-To-Be (or soon-to-be-married friend, or daughter, or whoever), probably has some things on her mind that she would like for Christmas. Now, I know most men aren't mind readers, so I'm here to help you out a bit. Let's keep one thing in mind: Even though it's the holidays and we should be taking some time away from stressful things, your bride-to-be still has the wedding in the FRONT of her mind, and even though she's excited, she is most likely still stressed. Here are 10 things you can get her for Christmas that will help ease stress through the holiday season:

1. A Case of wine. What woman doesn't like wine? If she doesn't, substitute with a case of beer.

2. A Bottle of Liquor

Even if she doesn't like liquor, it will help take the edge off during the holidays and keep you both feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

3. A Quiet Evening Alone

When we are stressed, sometimes we need you to go away so we can sort out our thoughts. A quiet evening alone with the case of wine you got will be super helpful in de-stressing.

4. A Christmas Without Her Future In-Laws

I mean, she is going to have to deal with them every Christmas for the rest of her life. Can't she have this one last Christmas without them?

5. A Wedding Planner This could be a huge factor in why she is so stressed! Hire a wedding planner for her to take care of all the stuff that makes Brides want to rip their hair out! She'll be less stressed which means you will be a happier Husband-to-be.

6. Another Case of Wine

By this point, we've already finished the first case. I mean, December IS 31 days long and there is only 12 bottles in a case. Duh.

7. Maid Services for a Year

One of the many things that stresses women out! Even if we say we "don't mind" cleaning, we still get stressed out that you don't do it! If it's not clean, the thought of making something clean looms. Solve this problem by hiring a maid. Again, this is a win-win, you'll be a much happier husband-to-be.

8. Money

You just can't go wrong.

9. An Evening Where You Do Some Wedding Planning With Her...Because You WANT To! One of the BIGGEST gripes I hear from Brides is how un-involved their future Husbands are! Sometimes, all we are looking for is social proof that we are making the right decision, it doesn't REALLY involve that much effort! Do your best to act interested!

10. A Wedding Videographer Here comes the self-promotion. But seriously! So many Brides-To-Be really WANT videography for their Wedding, but feel it's a "luxury" that will have to wait until (or if) there is room in the budget. Surprise her by hiring a Wedding Videographer/Cinematographer for her Wedding (of course, preferably me, lol). She will be SO excited that one of things she really wants is fulfilled and it is sure to be one of the best Christmas gifts you could get her!

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