The Couple That Started My Business

Rudy and Amanda may not even know this, but their wedding has taken my business off the ground. Here's the story:

Back in April of this year, I filmed a friend's wedding (Susie and Tim) for free. Wedding videography was something I had always wanted to get into, I had the idea way back in high school and just never pursued it. After filming their wedding, I was sold...this is what I was meant to do. I had so much fun the day of the Wedding and my happy place has always been editing. So I decided to throw together a website and join a couple of wedding groups on facebook. I did another wedding for free to get my portfolio up and running, and then decided I needed to start making some money doing this (This is a TIME CONSUMING job!).

On Saturday, September 3rd I saw a post on one of the facebook groups looking for a videographer TOMORROW, September 4th. Of course, I raised my hand and offered my services, and was hired! You can imagine my excitement, this was my first paid wedding! I was excited and also nervous, the pressure was definitely on at this point, I've gotta impress this couple!

Let's also add in the fact that I had prior plans with other clients that day. I had a commercial shoot in the morning for a local spa and then I had a client meeting with a couple who was from out-of-state later that day. Luckily, there was a large gap of time between Amanda getting ready that morning, to the time of boarding the yacht. So in one day, I did a commercial shoot, drove to Brandon for Bridal Prep, drove to South Tampa for a client meeting, and then drove to Clearwater Beach for the ceremony and reception. Never. Again. But you know what, I'm dedicated to my clients and my word is my bond. So I made it work and at the end of the day, everyone, including myself, was happy.

Rudy & Amanda Tampa Wedding Video

Rudy and Amanda had their small Wedding on the Yacht Sensation (owned by Yacht Starship) in Clearwater Beach. I had such an amazing time, met some amazing people and vendors, and left that night feeling...PUMPED. I knew I had gotten great content and that my skills were ever-improving. I created their highlight film in a couple of weeks and immediately posted it on the same facebook page where I was hired for their wedding.

The next day, my inbox had exploded. Exploded is maybe an over-exaggeration, but I spent the next 2 days responding to leads, what felt like, non-stop. Since posting their video, I have booked 15 Weddings for next year, have several strong leads still pending, and am making my way into several preferred vendors lists. I get so excited every time I book a wedding or talk to a new potential client.

"But Bonnie, didn't you do a lot of the hard work involved in booking those clients? Aren't you the one responsible for getting your business up and running?" YES, of course...duh. But I do strongly believe that Rudy and Amanda's Wedding spoke to people in a different way than many other wedding videos do, and none of that is on me.

The stereotypical, 2016 Wedding Highlight Video: a young couple getting married for the first time, no kids, large wedding party, they don't know what life is about yet, they don't know what true challenges are yet, they haven't been through the thick of it with their partner yet (yes, I fall into this category too! I don't know what the meaning of life is, to be happy?) Those are the people I see when I look at "viral" wedding videos online.

Rudy and Amanda are different, and you can tell. They have each walked their own path in life, they both have children of their own, and they both have gone through experiences that have shaped them into the people that they are. They love each other, in the deepest sense of the meaning, and you can see it so clearly. It's almost like you are watching 2 kids in high school who are falling in love for the first time. Rudy even it said it during his vows, "you have taught me what it's like to love again."

Their Wedding spoke to so many couples because it's the love that we all want. We all want to find our soul mate, and I think on an even deeper level, we want to know that the person we are picking now will be by our sides for the rest of our lives. Their love brings something out in people that makes them desire the same emotion in their lives. And their wedding brought out a defining reason for why I do this. This is why I believe that Rudy and Amanda are the couple that defined my business and why I started it.

Thank you Rudy and Amanda! You both will always hold a special little thankful place in my heart! Watch their video below!

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