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I've had a camcorder on my shoulder since I was a little kid, writing scripts and making short films about beanie babies taking over the world, or cats attacking and taking over the world (Can you tell I'm really into that apocalyptic stuff?). Cinematography has always been my calling, but for whatever reason, I went to college and got my master's degree in architecture. While working in architecture, I filmed a colleague's wedding, and immediately knew architecture wasn't for me. In 2016, I left my career and started my wedding videography company, Bonnie Newman Creative.

I'm kind of a goofy old lady at heart - arts and crafts, bird watching, and training my cat to walk on a leash are some of my not-so-guilty pleasures.



I grew up the son of a high school photography teacher in Buffalo, New York, so a passion for capturing images was instilled in me at a young age. In 2003 I moved to Florida, finished a degree in literature, and earned my master's in education, becoming what I said I'd never be growing up -a teacher myself! After several years of photographing weddings, families, and maternity photos for my colleagues on the side, I realized I'd rather be documenting those special moments than wrangling a classroom full of kids!

At heart, I'm a nerdy goofball. When I'm not singing my silly made-up songs to Bonnie, I love to read, cook, learn about dinosaurs, and stare up

into starry night skies.

Tampa Wedding Photographer
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I’m just your friendly fun-sized videographer with a passion for building brands and capturing life’s most precious moments! When I’m not out shooting weddings with #TeamBonJon, I work as a brand manager and marketing professional. I have a master’s degree in marketing, and a background in adverting and mass communication. I’ve loved videography ever since I was a little girl shooting pretend news stories in my backyard with the family camcorder. I’m always looking for the next creative project to get my hands on, which is why I love shooting weddings!​

I’m a daredevil at heart who’s always down to go sky diving, hang gliding, scuba diving, skiing, or anything that involves an extreme amount of action and adventure!



My mom adopted me 6 years ago when someone found me giving birth to kittens in a bush outside. I was pretty much a feral cat, and hissed at anyone who tried to touch me! Bon had patience with me and sooner or later, I came around to loving my own way. When Jon came into my life, I saw how happy he made my mom and I fell in love with him too. Now, he's my favorite human and Bonnie can go fuck off. Just kidding, I still love laying on your keyboard, mom!

Bonnie Newman Creative Tampa Wedding Videography
Tampa wedding photography videography team

Together we make a pretty great team. We met each other 12 years ago working at IKEA, talked on and off for years, and finally made the moves on each other in 2018. In the summer of 2021, we got engaged and are super stoked about our own wedding in October, 2022! Our story is pretty crazy and intense, but we're totally open to swapping stories with you over a drink!

We can be pretty silly and ridiculous around each's kind of disgusting sometimes. Like, we apologize in advance for any thrusting or butt grabs you witness on the dance floor. As silly as we are, we can also be big, emotional, mushy romantics with each other. More apologies in advance if you catch us crying at your wedding over something that made us feel ooey gooey inside.


Our Approach


If you came here looking for a film & photo team who's gonna pose you non-stop and make your wedding day all about our came to the WRONG place. This is YOUR wedding day, not ours! We'll do our job and put you in good lighting, help create a seamless timeline, and set up moments that foster genuine, candid reactions. We're all about those honest moments: your fiancé crying when you walk down the aisle, your dad crying when he sees you in your dress, your brother crying when he gives his toast (basically we love it when the guys cry). Those moments don't happen when we pose you in front of a camera, they happen when we step aside and let the moment unfold.


We minimally "pose" and prefer to "direct" so we can foster some genuine reactions out of you and your fiancé. We want those few precious moments you have together on your wedding day to be meaningful, not full of "put your hand here, tilt your head down, don't move, stay still!" That's obnoxious. Instead we'll give you guys something to do together, something to laugh together about, or even cry together about. And if you're totally fucking over it and want to join cocktail hour, YES, please do!!! We LOVE couples who prioritize meaningful connection with their family & friends OVER that "perfect" instagram shot. Again, this is YOUR DAY. God forbid you actually ENJOY it!

We only take a limited amount of wedding per year because we believe your wedding deserves our attention.

- Fall 2021 is completely booked. Sorry! You missed out!

- Spring & Fall 2022 bookings are filling up QUICK, get your date while it's HOT 🔥

- Spring 2023 bookings are now available, and already booking

So reach out before your date is gone!

We’re here to document your day, not dictate it.