I started photographing weddings in 2012 and left my teaching job in 2016 to pursue my passion of photography full time. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and followed my parents down to Florida about 15 years ago. I'm also a USF alumni with my masters in education. But let's be honest, photographing your wedding is way more fun than trying to teach a classroom of kids! I'm a bit of a nerd. 

I love reading and learning new things, playing with legos, working on my car, and cooking delicious meals for Bonnie.



I started Bonnie Newman Creative in 2016 when my passion for cinematography led me to film a friends wedding, and soon after I left my career in architecture to film weddings full time. Not only am I a born & raised Floridian, I'm a 4th generation Floridian (If you didn't know, that's SUPER rare)! I'm kind of an old lady at heart...arts and crafts, bird watching, naps with my kitty, and drinking old fashioneds are some of my not-so-guilty pleasures.



My mom adopted me 5 years ago when someone found me giving birth to kittens in a bush outside. I was pretty much a feral cat, and hissed at anyone who tried to touch me! Bon had patience with me and sooner or later, I came around to loving my own way. When Jon came into my life, I saw how happy he made my mom and I fell in love with him too. Now, he's my favorite human and Bonnie can go fuck off. Just kidding, I still love laying on your keyboard, mom!

Together we make a pretty great team. We met each other 10 years ago working at IKEA, talked on and off for years, and finally realized how great we were as a couple in 2018. We love traveling and going on road trips together, dressing up

as unicorns whenever we can, and just being silly goofballs! Like, literally, we can be ridiculously silly around each other, it's kind of disgusting sometimes. We apologize in advance for thrusting at your wedding 😬

Wanna grab a drink with us?



We are super stoked that you’re considering bringing us on board to capture one of the most special days of your life! Videography & Photography are the two things you get to take away from your Wedding (other than your fiancé, of course), and we believe it’s worth the investment. The day-of, we want it to feel like we’re hanging out. Of course, we’ll work to get you in good lighting, help things stay on-time, and kick everyone out of the room so your fiancé can read their note in private. But for the most part we like to stay out of the way and let things unfold…”fly-on-the-wall style.”


We minimally "pose" and prefer to "direct" so we can foster some genuine reactions out of you and your fiancé. We want those few precious moments you have together on your wedding day to be meaningful, not full of "put your hand here, tilt your head down, don't move, stay still!" That's obnoxious. Instead we'll give you guys something to do together, something to laugh together about, or even cry together about. 

We only take a limited amount of wedding per year because we believe your wedding deserves our attention.

- 2020 is fully booked (unless you're inquiring about a dope destination wedding)

- spring 2021 bookings are now open and booking up quickly due to covid-19 reschedules

- fall 2021 bookings are open early due to covid-19 reschedules,

so book your date before it's gone!

We’re here to document your day, not dictate it.


All images, photos, and videos Copyright Bonnie Newman Creative LLC, Regina As The Photographer, & Kera Photography