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Tampa Bay | St.Petersburg | International
Wedding Videography, Cinematography,
& Photography


Have you heard the freaking news?!
We offer Photography Now!

We've teamed up with our favorite photographer, Jon Marsley of Marsley Photography, to offer our clients BOTH Videography and Photography!!! If you've been pulling your hair out trying to find a photographer and videographer who's styles match and would work well should seriously stop looking, because you found us! 

In an effort to get the word out, our package prices for both photo & video are kind of a steal. They won't be for very long though, so we encourage you to shoot us an email ASAP!


Package Pricing & Investment

We offer both videography & photography packages, however we highly encourage you to consider investing in both, and offer discounted packages when booking both with us.

Our videography packages start at $3,100, with most couples spending $4,200

Our photography packages start at $2,900, with most couples spending $3,800

Our combined photo & video packages start at $5,500, with most couples spending $7,200

What's the next step?
Contact us for a full investment guide.

About Us

most of these shot by Kera Photography

Team Bon-Jon here! 

We go way back. We became friends back in 2010 working in the living rooms department of IKEA, and the rest is…well, a really long story! But to keep it short and sweet, our lives went in different directions for a while. Jon got his Masters in Education, and I (Bonnie) got my Masters in Architecture. We kept in touch over the years, and as if living parallel lives, quit our jobs several years ago to pursue our true passions of capturing couples’ stories through their weddings and beyond. In 2018, our lives collided once more, and the rest is….still a really long story! But we saw our talents as equally beautiful and amazing, realized we couldn’t live without each other, and joined forces to provide couples with the most epic videography & photography team in ONE place. 

Don’t be deceived by his smashing good looks, Jon is a bit of a nerd. He loves outer-space, gardening, reading, and is a bit of a car guy (He washes his car like, twice a week, it’s ridiculous). I, on the other hand, only want my car to get from point A to point B reliably, take naps in my spare time, and am obsessed with my cat. Together, we are passionate about traveling and are working towards living life on the road. We truly enjoy each other’s company and are complete goofballs around each other, it’s kind of disgusting sometimes.


We are super stoked that you’re considering bringing us on board to capture one of the most special days of your life. Videography & Photography are the two things you get to walk away with from your Wedding (everything else gets eaten or thrown away), and we believe it’s worth the investment. The day-of, we want it to feel like we’re hanging out. Our motto is, “We’re here to document your day, not dictate it.” Of course, we’ll work to get you in good lighting, help things stay on-time, and kick everyone out of the room so your fiancé can read their note in private. But for the most part we like to stay out of the way and let things unfold…”fly-on-the-wall style.” 


Let's Chat!

Tampa Bay | St.Petersburg | International

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